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Please see below for a few commonly asked questions. If you'd like us to elaborate further or have other questions that you're unsure of then please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What is a Nacoss/SSAIB alarm?

There is nothing stopping a convicted criminal starting their own alarm company and advertising it.

However there are two certification bodies for the security industry, these are the NSI and the SSAIB.

Both bodies have strict guidelines and requirements that a security company must adhere to.

Some of the most important being that all the companies engineers are CRB checked and that they have the correct insurance.

The certification bodies also send an inspector out annually to make sure the companies work is of a high standard and conforms to regulations.

All insurance companies also recognize and may stipulate that your security system is fitted by a certified company.

Local Police response is also only given to a certified company.

Onyx Security are SSAIB certified which is also regulated by UKAS.

How often should I get my alarm system serviced if at all?

Just like any piece of technology equipment can start to malfunction and not work as well as it once did.

It is advisable to have your system professionally serviced annually to make sure that your family and your property is still protected like they should be.

If you receive a discount on your home insurance due to having a working alarm system, then they will also state that it should be serviced annually by a certified company.

What if my alarm activates in the early hours of the morning and I cannot stop it?

Onyx Security Ltd has engineers on call 24/7, 365 days a year.

Should you have any problems with your system even if we didn't install it just give our office a call 24/7 and we will help you.

If you take over the maintenance of my security system, will the previous security company take my equipment away?

If you had a security system installed and have paid for it in full or if you have taken over an existing system due to moving property then the equipment belongs to you.

If your system was installed very cheap and part of a long term contract then until the contract is fulfilled the existing company may still legally own your system.

Always check with your existing provider to confirm your terms.

Most of the time you just need to give your existing company notice that you are leaving them and then we can start maintaining your equipment.

Can I use CCTV to record the paths/street outside my property?
Recording anybody in a public space is not against the law. What is important is that you don't knowingly record private property without the owners consent. Where your cameras overlap a neighbours property, your CCTV system can be set up to block out and not record these areas.

Our alarm bell kept ringing for no reason, Onyx came out within the hour and did a service on the system. Fast and efficient very pleased.

Mr Croft, Northampton

Thanks again for your hard work fixing our ever ending problems!

Mr Yale, Rushden

We had an attempted break in on Sunday night. We called Onyx Security on the Monday morning and we had a survey/quote done the same day. We had a brand new alarm system fitted on Wednesday morning. What more can we say!

Mr & Mrs Smith, Rushden