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Access Control Systems

Access control does exactly what it implies and does not give access to any unwanted individuals. These systems act as your personal bouncers.

Benefits of an Access Control System

On open sites that allow public access e.g. schools, retail shops and commercial offices, it is important that that members of the public/criminals can not enter certain areas.

An access control system controls the access through a door/gate/barrier, normally by means of a pin code or proximity tag.

Sometimes the access is granted remotely by a receptionist, member of staff or monitoring station.

Intercoms can be used to talk to the owner of the property and tell them your business before they decide to let you in or not.

These can also be integrated with CCTV so they can see who you are for security reasons.

Some advanced access systems use biometric fingerprint readers and facial recognition to allow access.

Larger systems can be programmed so that certain members of staff can only access certain areas of the site e.g. warehouse & office areas.

Onyx Security Access Control

Why Onyx Security?

We only install professionally branded systems that comply to the latest British & European regulations, so you can be assured of a quality product. We install, repair and maintain a large variety of intruder alarms systems in commercial and domestic properties.

We had an attempted break in on Sunday night. We called Onyx Security on the Monday morning and we had a survey/quote done the same day. We had a brand new alarm system fitted on Wednesday morning. What more can we say!

Mr & Mrs Smith, Rushden

Our alarm bell kept ringing for no reason, Onyx came out within the hour and did a service on the system. Fast and efficient very pleased.

Mr Croft, Northampton

Thanks again for your hard work fixing our ever ending problems!

Mr Yale, Rushden